Grace Reformed

We are a church that loves the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through that gospel, by repentance and faith in Christ, are seeking to grow in love for our Triune God, his church, and our neighbors. We invite you to join us as we worship our God this Sunday out of gratitude for the forgiveness of sins found in Jesus Christ.

Contact information

Office Number: (574) 279-9346
Address: 700 Van Buren Street, Walkerton, Indiana 46574

Meeting Times (EST):

9:00 Sunday school

10:10 morning worship service
12:00 fellowship lunch (We eat a fellowship lunch every Sunday after the morning service. You are very much invited to join us as our guests. And as our guests, please don't feel any pressure to bring food: It is our pleasure to welcome you as our Lord Jesus Christ has welcomed us, freely.)