Grace Reformed

Christian worship is created and shaped by the good news of what the Holy Triune God has done for us in his Son. When that gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, is grasped by faith it cannot help but create worship and praise and adoration in the hearts of all who believe.

Because the gospel says that a holy God is pleased with his people through the imputation of Christ's righteousness, Christians are rescued from a dead formalism that tries to make God pleased with them by what they do. Because the gospel says that the Father and the Son are producing a Holy Spirit wrought sanctity in the hearts of His people, Christians are rescued from a shallow emotionalism that turns emotional experience into the goal of worship rather than the glory of God.

The gospel produces worship that is serious and joyous, that is full of reverence and awe, as well as full of intimacy and communion with God, because that's what God through the Gospel creates in the hearts of God's saints.

The gospel and worship are inseparable. And it is in that light that we, following God's Word, have shaped our worship service to conform to the basic outlines of the gospel, doing what God has commanded us to do, knowing that God will use what he has commanded to bless and encourage and strengthen the faith of his people and preserve them till the end. This gospel-framed worship also reflects the "Holy Conversation" which God's people have with their Redeemer in the gospel:

Gathered by the Lord

The Lord welcomes us and calls us to worship him.

  • Greeting: The Lord welcomes us in his grace through Christ Jesus.
  • Call to Worship: The Lord summons us to worship him in Christ Jesus.
  • Our Song of Approach: We respond to the Lord's greeting and call to worship.

Redeemed by the Lord

The Lord reminds us of his law, our sin, and the salvation we have in Christ through faith alone.

  • God's Law: The Lord declares his holiness and justice.
  • Prayer of Repentance: We repent of our sins and claim Christ alone as our only hope to stand before our God unafraid and unashamed.
  • Assurance of Pardon: The Lord gives assurance of his pardon for all who have repented and trusted in Christ Jesus for salvation.
  • Our Song of Assurance: We respond in thanks and praise.

Giving Thanks to the Lord

We respond to the Lord's salvation through our offerings and prayer.

  • Congregational Offering: We worship the Lord with our monetary offerings.
  • Congregational Prayer: We bring the concerns of our congregation, the broader church, and the world before our Father's throne of grace.

Instructed by the Lord

We hear God's Word proclaimed in the sermon and are called to respond to it.

  • Our Song of Praise: We praise the Lord for his word.
  • God's Word Read: We hear from God's word.
  • God's Word Proclaimed: We hear God's word proclaimed and applied.
  • Our Song of Response: We respond to our Lord's word with thanks and praise.

Assured by the Lord

We are encouraged in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper that through Christ and his gospel, by faith, we have peace with God and are dismissed with the blessing of God's peace.

  • The Lord's Supper: The Lord visibly communes with and assures his people.*
  • Our Song of Dedication: We respond with our heartfelt desire to love and serve the Lord.
  • Diaconal Offering: We worship the Lord by giving our monetary offerings to aid the poor among us.
  • Benediction: The Lord dismisses us with his peace and blessing.

* We celebrate the Lord's Supper every Sunday in the morning service.